March 13, 2012

Chronicling The Journey Through Comic Strips

Journal Entry #17
14 March 2012

Greetings, earthlings!

More than 2 months after the wedding, me and my wife were thrilled to discover that she is pregnant with our first child. Since then, we had lots of weird and funny experiences together and I enjoyed sharing them with some of our closest friends. Along the way, I suddenly had this wild idea of turning them into comic strips so we could share our tale with more people.

With my wife’s motivations, I did just that. Writing and drawing My Wife Is Pregnant is really a great learning experience for me. My wife is both my #1 fan and #1 critic. That’s definitely a good thing for a first-timer like me. With a little help from my friends (Teardrop Cordez at StephFaith Bautista – yey!), I got to finish a few strips. Actually, my wife even assisted me in inking a few panels because I am terribly bad at using rulers hahaha! I then posted the comics on my Facebook and made a Tumblr account for it just for fun.

Currently, I already have 11 pages of thumbnails (plus a cover concept) on my sketchbook. I’m hoping to work on them one step at a time. The goal is to complete at least 20 finished pages (I have 3 – 17 more to go!) and then eventually release them as a compiled comic book on one of the upcoming conventions. I believe this year’s November Komikon (or Summer Komikon 2013, at least) should be a good target. Besides, I think our baby’s birth should be the book’s main highlight. I want that to happen first and I want the experience captured on the strips as well.

Mark Rosario
Writer, Illustrator for My Wife Is Pregnant


  1. Put us down for a copy of the book ;) Huge congrats in advance to you and Joy! The two of you inspire and enlighten us always :)

    1. Thanks, Myke and Robs, for your friendship and support. We love you both! See you when the baby arrives :)

  2. This is so good!!!! Very nice topic to put into comics! I think it will go a long way until the child grows up!

  3. Thanks for the comment. Yeps, that's something I also have in mind :)