May 31, 2012


Journal Entry #50

Hi guys its me again Carlo or Jebs what ever you call me, hindi ko masasabing ito ang pinaka worst summer in my life pero itong summer na ito ang pinaka busiest summer I’ve ever had so far.  nUna, may OJT ako, tapos may meron akong 2 comics na dapat tapusin before summer komikon,at may 2 free comic book day sketching pa (isa sa CO at isa sa Fully booked). Well nagenjoy naman ako this summer since ang daming activity!

Hahahahahah well malapit na ang pasukan, it all ends well. Pasukan na, another “highway to hell” again! Oo nga pala, salamat sir Sandy Sansolis ng comic odyssey sa the best na free comic book day at wag nating kalimutan ang fully booked sa for the experience as well.

Oo nga pala salamat sa mga bumili ng comics ko nung summer komikon!
And congrats Doc Carlo San juan (Callous comics) hindi ka na kasama sa mga indies next time naks! Hindi na uli tayu magkatabi sa table niyan sayang ever since komikon last year same table tayo, Rh Quilantang, pogi mong katabi, kung hindi dahil sa yu wala kaming lunch ni Fpj salamat!

FPJ pahinge ng milk tea!! =)))) At sa komikon organizers salamat sa the best na event na 'to. Uy wag nating kalimutan ang napakasarap na cake ni ate Tepai!!!! Yeah!!

Till next entry bakalan uli tayo mga kaibigan

--- Carlo Valenzuela (boy bakal and stick-boy comics) & (comic artist at Haraya AKA production (alappaap)


Journal Entry # 50

Kumusta Journal?

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May 29, 2012

Ang Pagsibol ng Isang Punla

Journal Entry #48

Magandang araw mga kaibigan!

It was my first time to attend the Komikon and it was a day to remember! Di lang si Mark Millar ang nakita naming pero pati mga artista, like Jinri Park. Woo Hoo!

The first person to arrive at the Bayanihan Center was Patrick. Early bird nga talaga yang kasama kong yan. It was a struggle riding the MRT with our comics. Inaalala ko na baka malukot yung copies ng comics naming pero I was glad na hindi, kahit siksikan. I arrived around 9AM and asked Patrick to help me set up. Sarap ng temperature sa Bayanihan Center, malamig at comportable.

We were glad that a couple of early birds bought a copy of Guantes, kumbaga eh mga buena mano. Thanks nga pala kina SilentSanctumManga, Allen Geneta, Tepai Pascual and JB Casacop who bought our comics early in the day. Dumalaw din sa table namin sina Raymund Bermudez, Gabriel Chee Kee, Wilson Tortosa, Erico Calimlim at si sir Gerry Alanguilan. For us, it was an honor for these people to buy our comics and have a chat with us. Pasensya na at mga certified fanboys talaga kami eh.

Overall, it was a great experience para sa aming lahat. Marami din kami nakilala na mga co-indie comic creators and siyempre, we’re hoping na we’re building bridges with these people. Mas masaya ang magkaroon ng maraming kaibigan, lalo na sa industriya natin. We’re regrouping and finalizing our next projects, para sa susunod na komikon eh meron kaming magandang ilalabas ulet sa mga mamimili.

Kita-kits ulet mga kaibigan at sa next komikon, eh bibili na ako ng mga gawa ninyo. Para makapag start na rin ako ng indie komik book collection ko ^_^ 

Good luck at steady lang tayong lahat. 

Kahlil Baet
Writer: Guantes and Empathy Inc


Journal Entry #47

(JE #5)

Hola Chika Journal~!

Well, what can I say about KOMIKON? It's fun, It's exciting and it's star studded! Akalain mo? Nandun si Mark Millar! 8D

Anyway, before all that, let me tell you our side story of Summer Komikon. We arrived at the Bayanihan Center at aroung 9:30 am. Set up our comics and tarp and posters while waited for LUNAROCK members to go to our booth. They were to share our booth that day.

I wore my blonde wig that day because I promised RH Quilantang that I'll accompany his blondeness on SUMMER KOMIKON. It turned out that there were many people who died their blonde and they were there in the event. Oh well, I still enjoyed it even though it was freaking hot. XD

The event was jam packed. I didn't expect it to be that packed but boy, it was packed. PAK! PAK na PAK! XD Hahahaha. Some time in the afternoon, Mel Casipit told me that I was in the KOMIKON Journal. And I said, "What?" I saw a comic strip by Lyndon Gregorio and the topic was us, Meganon Comics, won the last indie tiangge top sellers. And I already have my victory cake with me. Hahahaha! The last panel was me sitting on an iron throne look-a-like and a banner that says, "All hail MEGANON" LOL. That really made me laugh. XD Unfortunately, I didn't get a copy of that journal.

The writer of Noodle Boy, Paolo Herras, finally arrived at the event. He was amazed by the number of people in the event! He roamed around for some time and just took my seat in the booth. He was dead tired but really really happy. XD He saw first hand how we do things behind the booth and he was so charmed by the crowd's positive vibe. Nainggit tuloy sya. He told me after that he wants to make a printed version of Noodle Boy. Nothing beats prints I guess.

Sadly, our Mark 9verse47 chapter 8 and Maktan 1521 Chapter 7 didn't make it.  But we still sold a lot of our graphic novels which made us very happy.  And of course, what's KOMIKON without my cake? 8D For the finale, I topped it off with a Red Velvet Cake with White Frosting and Dark Chocolate Disks!

I want to say thank you to the 10 who bought my MAKTAN 1521 Volume one and got my original sketches! 8D Thank you to those who bought our stuff! I bought a lot too. XD

See you next Kon!

--Tepai Pascual.
MAKTAN 1521, MARK 9verse47, NoodleBoy (Neverheard Comics), [MEGANON COMICS group]

--Maika Ezawa.
Mark 9verse47 [MEGANON COMICS group]

May 28, 2012

Pretty Good Hangover

Journal Entry #46

Hey Journal!

I think I have a hangover right now and left my brain at the Summer Komikon event, while staring at Tepai's cake saying "Go on without me..." (more on that later).  Honestly speaking, hindi ko pa naliligpit yung stock namin na galing sa Komikon.  It's still in the living room, waiting to be sorted properly in boxes (I'll do that a bit later).  I'm still a bit sleepy, since we still left for our usual sunday "lakad" and groceries, and still low bat from weeks of non-stop work.

Last saturday, was Summer Komikon, and was up around 5AM so we can leave the house at around 7AM.  We arrived via taxi around 8AM and everybody's still setting up booths.  We ate early breakfast, so an hour before the opening, I was a little dizzy, lacking sleep and almost hungry.  Unfortunately, I was dizzy the whole morning, but of course I'm gonna have to keep my eyes peeled the whole day.

My POV shot of Hubby (working on Pasig2 #2)  and Michael David.

The venue filled up pretty quickly.  I met a lot of IKM peeps at the booth! ^_^  It was nice seeing them again (too many to mention), and nice meeting new faces (also from IKM) too!  I was with hubby, Michael David, Jon Zamar, JM/Kilayman (our artist for Kanto Inc.) Mark and Mai. Sid, one of the artists for Zombinoy and also college schoolmate was also there with us. ^_^  We had nothing new to sell, but we did promise we'd be releasing Kanto Inc. #4 next Komikon.  There were so many people!  Sales were okay, and we saw famous people on stage. :P  It was really fun!  Last night, I got a good feedback from a new reader of CFH, and that put a big smile on my face.  Yes!  Another happy customer!  XD  I had a limited budget for indies this time, but still went over. I have very little time to go around and buy stuff, and I missed a lot of titles.  Still a happy day!  KOMIKON organizers, PZ loves yous! ^3^

A couple of last minute hauls.  The drawing was an art trade with Ray for his chibi cover request last year.  Thanks Ray!  ^_^v

Still, looking at my haul, I have lots to read. 

We left right after the event, (Judd gave us a free ride home, yay!) so hubby and I missed Tepai's nummy cake... ;_;.  I caught my fellow IKM peeps partying to the music!  I'll probably make another round of bullet reviews on DA later in June, after the madness of the next event is over.  Nope, the madness isn't over yet.  We still have another event this June 8th! Comics Arthology is 2 weeks away!  And I still have 2 14"x14" spaces to fill with graphite!  @_@  Oh God give me strength!  I'll be working on that after typing this journal...

Anyway, this is my next challenge...

*goes back to work*

--joanah t.c., writer and artist for Point Zero

May 25, 2012

Final Works

Journal Entry # 45

Hallo Mi Journal

Finally.... 2 days more and its Summer Komikon time!!!

Though this is not the first time I am selling my komiks.... the 26th is the day where I launch my very first DRAGON KID GRAPHIC NOVEL! It took me a long time to put it all together but I am happy to say that I finally did it XD. I am still nervous as well as excited... as I saw there are lots of fresh titles as well as awesome artist participating this year. But I know that I did my best in my works.

Chibiheart and I are already making the final preparations on what we will be selling this coming saturday. There are the old issues of DRAGON KID Issue 2-3 (4-5 will be on sale on the next con.), then there is REALM OF DREAMS Issue 2 (This will be the last print as I will be selling Issue 3 in the next con), ODDFELLOWS and ONE FLOOR UP. Aside from that I'll be selling KEYCHAINS and BEADED BOOKMARKS and I will be doing CHIBI DRAWING COMMISSIONS.

I am really excited and to see new titles and amazing artworks.... and I can't wait to see what this Summer Komikon will bring in this saturday.

So God Bless to all of us :D
Till next entry, ciao ciao for now :3 

- Lady Storykeeper
Artist Collaborator of ODDFELLOWS for Incubator Press

May 24, 2012

Halina sa Kagubatan

Journal Entry #44

Dear Diary, 
I saw my crush today and it made me very happy...woops wrong journal!

BUTT seriously,
hello again non replying indie peeps of this blogspot.
This right here is one of dem "last minute pre-KOMIKON preparation" entries. So whether you like it or not, here goes nothing...

We're very happy to announce that SSM! WAS able to pull through (despite our "kinda" busy schedule) and would be able to release TWO more materials for the much anticipated SUMMER KOMIKON 2012 to be held this Saturday (May 26,2012 )@ Bayanihan Center, Pasig.

The said materials would include
MONA :Queen Of The Babes #1

the very first indie komiks to be printed in A3.(Standard Comic Book Format).

Probably the only one of it's kind to be drawn entirely in MS Paint(Text and Alligning done in Photoshop).

And a sophomore effort of our first newsletter aptly named : The Ssm Illuminati #2

In addition to that, we would also be seeing the release of SSM! puTEKS.

A collection of 11 cards which is sure to charm the TEKS COLLECTING ADULTS of the current generation
and to make instant fans of the HIP TECHNOLOGICALLY DEPENDENT YOUTH of today.
This is sure to transport them back to the days of their innocence and to prove the fact that: "di mo kailangan ng LOAD para makapag-TEKS"

Good news,folks. Earlier this afternoon,we were able to buy ourselves some A3 sized resealable plastics for MONA.

With some last minute typo corrections,

and by ED TADEO-izing our cover price.

It would look as though that we are more than ready for saturday's KOMIKON.

WAG NA NGA LANG KAMI MALA-LATE!That's for darn sure...

So that's about it. See you guys tomorrow.
Visit our booth @ IT06 then have your brains fried from the sac with our off the wall antics, arbitrary shenanigans and boy-next-door sex appeal.
We guarantee to bring our A-game just as long as you bring your -SS over.

Got it? Good!
Over and out...

-- Dark Chapel/EIC/Dabarkad/Jump Brother/Silent Sanctum Manga

May 23, 2012

Last minute preps...

Journal entry #43

Hi again journal!

It's just a few days before KOMIKON!  I kinda lack sleep.  Not because I have anything new to release on saturday, but we do have a lot to sell and I have to get the copies ready for the event. Yesterdey, I stapled the fresh copies of CFH and Kanto Inc. #1.  We realized we only had a few copies of Kanto Inc,, but since issue 1 had so many waste copies on the first run, we decided not to invest on more than a few new copies.

While I was busy sewing the bookmarks for CP vol. 3, I was also listening to the impeachment trial on TV to keep me awake.  I almost forgot that I had to make more bookmarks (for all 3 volumes), so I crammed and printed and laminated the bookmarks.  And since I'm going to do my laundry early this week (to give me enough energy and time to prepare on Friday), I had to finish covering my books, which usually takes me a whole day to finish.  Good thing I prepped the plastic covers and the colored jacket yesterday.  But the cover-fitting job still took several hours to do.  But it's all covered now.  I'm now hoping for good sales.  ^_^

If you're wondering what the mango leaf was for, it keeps the sealer from burning a hole into the plastic during the sealing process...

I also finished doing the big piece for Comics Arthology.  YEah!  But I have to do a couple more (smaller), and the size will not make it any easier for me to finish early.  So, I'll have to go back to work again after Komikon.  I'll get back to you after the event.  ^.^

--joanah t.c., writer and illustrator for Point Zero

May 17, 2012

Triumph and Terror

Journal entry #42

Ah, journal, my foul weather friend. I know you only hear from me when I've got something to get off my chest, but I'm once again in need of your excellent "listening" skills. You see, I have a confession to make:

I’m terrified. 

Oh, sure, I’m also ecstatic, excited, and deliriously happy: “Kwentillion”, the young adult-centric comics+features magazine that Budjette Tan and I have been working on for over a year, is about to see the light of day. It’s given me a chance to work with creative, intelligent people: from Chester Ocampo, who found the time in his crazy schedule to make a bang-up cover; to Frantz Salvador, our layout artist who is as talented as he is patient; to Tarie Sabido, who is the most passionate advocate of Asian YA I’ve ever met. I’m proud of the magazine we’ve put together, after late nights of wrestling with layouts (my infatuation with two-page spreads comes with a heavy price it seems), arguing over minutiae (Is it okay to clump all the comics together?  Will boys be turned off by a splash of pink?), calculating print runs and deciding on paper quality, and all the other non-creative tasks that are essential to creation. We have reprints of four well-received independent comics, an excellent short story, and coverage of topics that range from YA Books, to Philippine magic, to fanfiction. There’s nothing quite like it on the shelves today, and just getting it on to the shelves is, I've been told, already something of a triumph, and if that single issue is all that comes out, we'll still have achieved something worthwhile.

[From "Skygypsies"by Timothy James M. Dimacali and John Raymond B. Bumanglag]

But I don't want to settle for that -- what I want is new komiks appearing like clockwork everywhere from the largest bookstore to the smallest magazine stand; what I want is a magazine that can serve as both a gateway drug for new readers and an incubator for new Filipino talent; what I want is to capture the hearts of fans so passionately devoted to Potter and Bella and Katniss, to Batman and Naruto and Scott Pilgrim; what I want is for my daughter to grow up reading about magical heroines who actually look like her; what I want…

[First two pages of our interview with Chester Ocampo, who is also doing the cover for Kwentillion #1]

It's been a while since I've wanted anything this badly. And there's nothing quite like the terror that comes from wanting something so very badly. From knowing that you've done all you can… and that now is the time to roll the dice, and hope that "all you can" will be good enough.

May 16, 2012

Back to work

Journal Entry #41

Hay Journal...

The past week was quite a stressful one. Fickle weather is fickle. As you know, we were working on the Komikon preps.  Hubby on PASIG, and me, in charge of making repros of Curtains for Hire, Kanto Inc., and working on the exhibit pieces.  The reason I mentioned the gloomy weather is, last friday, I got a couple of bad news.  One is that Tony de Zuniga passed away.  And 2nd, that Hubby needs a lot of rest because of tonsilitis.

So for the past 3 days, I've been out of touch, and I've been taking care of Hubby since his fever was really persistent.  We even thought it might be Dengue, so we brought him to the hospital for checkup.  Good thing it's not Dengue. Fever's gone now, and he's recovering.  But because of that, there would be no new Pasig issue.

I'm trying to catch up with the pending tasks.  I'm currently working on 3 pieces for Comic Arthology.  I'm almost halfway though the big one, but there's much work to be done and I'm well aware that Komikon is almost a week away (which is also the deadline for the pieces).  I haven't wrapped my books (CP) yet, haven't stapled CFH #1...Heck, I still have to go to U.P. to have a few copies of CFH #2 and Kanto Inc. #1 made. It seems that we really can't avoid last minute preps for KOMIKON.  Something always comes up.  Hopefully I finish all 3 pieces, and I'm really hoping somebody buys them too..*crosses fingers and goes back to work*

-- Joanah T.C., writer and artist under Point Zero

May 09, 2012


Journal Entry #40

No reason to be alarmed indie appreciating folks of the net. I'm not reverting back to my inner child but that wouldn't be half bad either. Because the thought of mounds and mound of free swag is sure to put the child back in all of us. ENTER F.C.B.D.

F.C.B.D or FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (for all you non-hip/non-acronyming youth of the current generation) is annual event by the good folks @ COMIC ODYSSEY and it's partner stores. True to it's name it's an event that keeps on giving. It is what DON CORLEONE would like to call "AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE" Held last saturday (May 5,2012).  

And in true SSM! fashion...we arrived late.  An hour late to be exact(11am). This is actually an improvement on our part and we're closely sticking with our new year's resolution regarding the same dilemna. And because of our tardiness, we weren't able to sit alongsides our indie bretherens and stuff. well that kinda sucked.....NOT! In a surprising turn of events we squatted (sorry if the term is rather offensive to informal settlers with internet access.) in what we would like to call "SIKAT TERRITORIES".  These are tables designated for the likes of MANIX ABRERA, BUDJETTE TAN, and any of those GLASSHOUSE folks of the same caliber.  The same folks that are the bread and butter of the sketch drive for MANG TONY (DeZuniga). CLEARLY, those are not the seats for us but to HECK with it. We capitalized on the oppurtunity and the rewards were quite high.

 Sitting next to the masterpieces up for auction has it's pros than cons. the pros would include
*Extra media coverage.
*Your works being more valuable than what it's worth.
*People wanting to get your signature(thinking that you're somebody famous,o the disappointment they might get knowing that I'm just a nobody.)
then the cons would include...
*being asked to move, constantly...but yeah that really isn't much of a con so there are none actually.

In the end it was a fun day, we earned more than the bus fare and helped out MANG TONY with our HEXTACULAR HEX-MEN art.

Thanks to everyone who bided.Yes,that's you two..PUNKY & BENJ.
We also met (in no particular order)
RH & Od Ree
Andrew V.
Mr. Bartolome
Ate Jo & Sir Ilog
Mr. Banting & Sam
Chard Arguilla
Kit Perez of GTMACC fame.
Hazel Manzano and daughter
Sir Tam
Joe Patricio

 The day ended with a PIZZA PARTY courtesy of SIR SANDY and a much intimate private dinner with our indie brothers and sisters. We would particularly like to address that this photo ROCKS and ROLL all night long, sweet sussie!

Pardon us if this is taking forever to finish.But we would just like to keep everyone updated on what SSM!'s been up to lately and what new titles you could expect from the fine folks that brought you SSM! Unlimited & SSM! JET. We are closely working on a series called MONA:Queen Of The Babes and hopefully it's sees the light of day this up and coming SUMMER KOMIKON. Keep your fingers crossed, kiddies!

--Chapel/EIC,PR,HR Person,Ambassador Of Goodwill/ SSM!