December 29, 2012

Here's Hoping!

Journal entry #63

Hi Journal!  Long Time no write!

There were a number of things that happened since I wrote to you.  Of course the Point Zero booth at the Komikon was more fun with Dante and Mina around (after the success of GTMACCCon)!  They had quite a number of fans.  :D  

I also got some good feedback about Curtains For Hire (now a certified tearjerker, after 5 people told me they did cry a bit while reading).  And sometime after that, I met a couple of Japanese professors researching about women and comics around Asia ( they were pretty awesome ladies  :3 ).  It was an awesome meeting (and what an awesome topic)!   Thanks to Khursten for the opportunity.  :D

I just recovered from a nasty asthma/cough/cold.  I was supposed to work on Cresci Prophecies page inks, but instead I spent my holidays being sick.  I even missed two family reunions.  Sucks I know...  =_=

But there's a bit of a good news.  I am finally working on chapter 25 inks.  Remember last March?  It took me almost a year to get chapter 25 done.  Mainly because, there were so many things that happened this year that I could hardly focus on the CP pencils. Now that I can work on it again, I decided to make CP4 a little better that the previous volumes.

Changes in shading and inking (I'm sure if you'ld notice it though)...and maybe a little change in the process.  The new inking process is...well...taking a little longer than it usually does.  Ah heck, hopefully it looks better than before...*crosses fingers*

Here's hoping 2013 would have more opportunities. And hopefully, release the last book for CP: Arcen.  I've got a long way to go (there's also other work to be done), so I better start as soon as I can...  I can't wait to work on it again!

-- Joanah T.C., writer and artist for Point Zero Comics