July 25, 2012

Then came Lakan and Makisig...

Journal Entry #59
July 23, 2012

Good Morning,

It's never too late to start. 
All you have to do is take the first step.
There's a difference between "those who can" and "those who did".

Well first of all you can call me giosdesk. I'm a comic artist. Preferably you saw me on Facebook on the IKM group, or at the Indieket Event at table I12. It's my first time to join such event and to be a participant/seller. The experience is awesome, and very fruitful. I'm a graphic artist by day and a vigilante at night roaming the streets of imagination and what not. Scourging the underbelly of the subconscious and tinkling with the machinery of creativity. Unless the baby cries and needs to change the diaper.

I always wanted to be a cartoonist by profession but theres this thing called RESPONSIBILITY and yours truly needs to man up and take it. Well I think all of us wanted that, doing what you LOVE thingy, but here in our country thats kinda, NOT THE IDEAL CHOICE. I've been doing comics strip waaaay back in high school, then college, I was a regular cartoonist for the Advocate (FEU student publication). Then graduation, I still do strips but for personal satisfaction. But got married, had kids, then stopped. Comics ended right there.

But the passion is still there, it's my forte, it's what I'm good at. I don't want to fail my heroes, Rene Aranda, Jess Abrera, Nonoy Marcelo (fellow Advocate and Tamaraw) and Pol Medina Jr. in strips and humor. So I did a personal project for giosdesk, since I'm now a father I wanted to share that experience, so I created Lakan at Makisig Komiks, yes thats the name of my 2 boys. I get my inspiration, ideas and motivation from them. I'm creating comics but wasn't able to commit due to work and family. I'm kinda new in the head of the family section. But I met this awesome cartoonist over at multiply, Freely (naks), we've exchanged mails and he really inspire me to work on my comics and I really like his style and humor, its like western cartoon but speaks tagalog. I finally met Freely at FCBD 2011, nice fellow. I did strips now and then, but not consistent. I tried to print copies and sold them to friends early 2012. Freely advice me to join Indieket last July which I did and here I am now.

After Indieket, I was inspired to create more comics, and was really motivated that I am able to post one-comic per day on giosdesk Wordpress. YAY! Lesson here is that, if it's your passion, do it. No one will do it for you. Quite a long story, thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks to the people I met at Indieket, to those who purchased and those who laugh, it melts me. Looking forward to meet more of you guys and MABUHAY ang PINOY KOMIKS!

giosdesk, writer/artist/model
Lakan at Makisig

July 13, 2012

Syempre,syempre, PAN DE HAMON!

Journal Entry #58
July 13, 2012

Hello, buhay indie peeps!
It's me again, Dark Chapel of SSM!
Reminding everyone of the upcoming event this Saturday.
The very first grand indie komiks market, INDIEKET.

Where SSM! would be stationed at IT114 together with our brothas from another mothas, PELIGRO COMICS & MACOY.

As expected, SSM! won't be going there empty handed and if we're going down we're going down in a BLAZE OF GLORY!

Presenting the three course meal that is ....SSM!

How d'ya like dem apples?

And an encore printing of MONA #1. Now with TYPO/LIQUID FREE covers and interior pages.

The only trouble I'm having right now is being unable to purchase the proper/appropriate plastic bags for the new books. And hopefully would be able to resolve this situation later this afternoon. I'm really kinda O.C. about presenting my books bare because part of our appeal WAS the packaging so I really had to do something about this ASAP.

But the books were all done,as in KAHAPON PA!=D

So that's about it.See you this Saturday.

Buy the books and have a whale of a good time.
SSM!, over and out.

--Dark Chapel/Silent Sanctum Manga/EIC/Dolphy Fan

July 02, 2012

100 Araw ng Komiks: One Year Later

Journal Entry #57

It has been a year since the first day of the campaign.

It all started with an incident in Toycon 2011.  At that point, the local Komiks industry has been struggling to keep afloat for years, despite popular notions of its "demise".  A lot of professional and underground independent komiks have been continuing this artform.  A lot of influences popped up, and what's good about this is, more artists are getting interested in making their own publications.  Whether they're newbies, or pros, it doesn't matter, as long as somebody is still interested in making their own comics locally.

Ever since I got myself into making indie comics 16 years ago (you know, the first time I decided to make my own comic), I got immersed in the art of making comics.  I fell in love with the possibilities.  I was already into writing when I was in highschool, and I liked to draw.  Drawing my own stories gives me a sort of high that school plates could never give me.  It was work and play merged into one! But If you put so much effort into drawing something, and your friends somehow gets sucked into the world you created, it gives you a satisfaction that makes all the hardwork really worth it.

So after meeting comic enthusiastic college mates, after joining an indie comic group, after meeting CCCOM, after selling in a shop, after getting criticisms, after joining a big convention (getting amazed by how many of us are actually making comics),  after many KOMIKONs, after meeting the veterans of the Golden Age, komiks historians, meeting more indie artists, participating in exhibits, seeing the real komiks industry... I was already in fray.  And I loved all that creative energy!

And then we met a kid who hardly knows about Panday, or Darna....Or any local komiks title creator,  Despite the TV shows and MMFF adaptations in recent years.  It was sadness at the Komikon booth.

I was already in Indie Komiks Manila group then, and we were all trying to promote our own titles, and helping each other out in comic production.  A year before, it was National elections.  I saw my FB feed fill with campaigns for politicians.  And we're all comic enthusiasts.  Why not campaign for Komiks? So we did.

Early teasers

So many people pitched for 100 Araw ng Komiks, and one of them is the FB page which is now a year old.  It was a campaign filled with infos on the history of komiks from Komiklopedia, from various resource persons and blogs. We promoted new comic artists and new comic titles.  Many komiks enthusiasts participated.  Many responded and shared trivias and posts.  For 100 days, we campaigned for KOMIKS.  

Four months after the 100-day campaign, I shopped for a few indies (during Komikon), and introduced myself to one of the creators of Spanton as one of the admins of the 100 AnK page.  And then the guy mentioned that some of their buyers actually heard of their titles via the page posts. I was really happy to hear that we helped them promote their titles.  We actually did help them!  Wow.

It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Now a year has passed.  Were' still posting komiks related stuff on the page, now with more than a thousand likes (I have no idea if they all check it regularly).

I really don't know the extent of the campaign, or how many people it actually reached.  I don't know if we made a significant boost for the local industry (or at least for the small komiks community where I belong), but I'm really hoping the ripples of 100 days will reach far...

But it won't become waves, if we only stop at ripples.  It's time for us to build some muscle, and create the waves we've been waiting for...

Time to spread the power of Komiks Art Beybeh!

--Joanah t.c., Member of POINT ZERO, Indie Komiks Manila, and 100 Araw ng Komiks

(P.S.  Indieket is coming up on July 14th.  Preparing for that now...Salamat din sa mga gumawa ng Power of Art docus at Komiks art docus for the inspiration! Trabaho na tayo!)