February 29, 2012

Good times

Journal Entry 11

Greetings of Peace!

The good people of Baguio City honored Team Tag Team and Drop Dead Dangerous with the Panagbenga Flower Festival and the Second Baguio National Comics Congress! Actually no they didn't, but we did have a good time. Good times!

The Happy Lockjaw group arrived the 2B3C a little before lunch time, and event organizer Gerald "Magic" Asbucan and Baguio's own Gripo Comics welcomed us with open arms. Very friendly people! Their comic anthology, which they sell at the local tiangge, comes out almost bi-weekly. First Manileno in was Duyan ng Magiting's Amado Aparentado, who kindly hosted komiks veterans Danny Acuna, Jun Lofamia, and Orvy Jundis at his house nearby. Orvy invited me to his comic library in Antipolo. Ladies and gents, a library three houses large. Three. We also got to hang out with the very cool Komikon-Award-winner Mel Casipit, who promises to be your friend if you buy his comics (see photo). The convention's events included comic creation contests based on guest speaker Michael Bengwayan's talk about helping save Baguio's environment from the evil forces of Skeletor (further reading --> link). The rest of the afternoon was taken up by a well-attended cosplay competition which, while entertaining, barely helped comic sales. Hakuna Matata! All in all a good time, even though we didn't catch the Flower Festival Parade, or sell a boatload of our brilliantly-written, acutely-observed, and famously well-drawn flipbook, TTT/DDD (pagbigyan niyo na)

Next stop is Better Living Through Xeroxography 2, March 2 at Ilyong's, Kalantiaw, Cubao. See you there, komrades-in-komiks!

Benjamin Bartolome (creator, Team Tag Team)

February 27, 2012


Journal Entry #10

Hi Journal!

Lots of updates since I last saw you. I finally decided to make an official FB page for Cresci Prophecies. Hopefully it would help promote the series. Last week, IKM also began the Komiks Wiki project, and I made a wiki page for CP and for myself. The other creators are also working on their wiki entries, and hopefully this could pull in new readers for everyone. We're all anticipating the Summer Komikon, and hopefully there would more prospective readers this year.

I finally got to finish the studies for the last chapter of volume 4. I came up with more pages than I anticipated (I planned for 30 pages, then it became 44... a total of 144 pages). Now I have more pages to do... X_x. It took a while to iron out the details, and I'd most probably make more changes during the comic production. I'm a little apprehensive about pulling-off a good last chapter for Arcen (which I worked on for around 10 years now), and I'm rethinking how to attack the pages. I'll have to take my time on this, but I can feel the pressure since it can make or break what I've done so far. Aside from that, hubby and I are almost done with the Kanto Inc. #4 manuscript, and we've sent part of it to Kilayman to work on. I'm looking forward to seeing the pages for K.I. Must save up lots to get it done...

-- Joanah Tinio-Calingo, writer/artist for Point Zero group

February 24, 2012

Thinking to tip the scale...

Journal Entry #9

To whom it may concern,

I have been infected with what I consider one of the, say, common colds that, I think, often bothers most people engaged in creative (maybe, even critical) work: self-censorship. I have a lot of plans in mind, despite piles of works-in-progress and unchecked boxes in to-do lists, but I keep on thinking and re-thinking whether these projects are worth publishing, or they would just add to the existing clutter. This thinking that have caused paralysis, if not indifference towards creative work ceased to exist (or so I thought) after I have alas drawn something that I thought would deserve a little space in the interwebs. I have been unproductive, save for my translations (or adaptations) of poems and stories, and my komix in the most recent memory, Ang Sandatahang Banga, was released August last year.

With these frustrations, I learned to enjoy seemingly mundane things. Shallow as it may seem, I kind of celebrated my first drawing for this year, hoping such sort of breaking the silence implies productivity in the next few days. It seems so, as I've thought of another project, that I hope to pursue and finish and release during BLTX2, WHILE working on a komix script I have shelved for more than a year--something written way back 2010--which I assume would be a five-part graphic novel, with each portions differing in length, and this is what I aim to finish as soon as possible, before the world ends, WHILE working on other pending projects and collaborations that I wouldn't want to preempt yet, WHILE working for a living. But then again, besides questioning whether I am biting off more than I can chew, I ask as I have asked, and will probably ask: is it worth the effort?

-Tilde Acuña (Lihim ng mga Lespu / Ang Engkwentro sa Palma Bridge / Panayam kay Io / Ang Sandatahang Banga)

February 21, 2012


Journal Entry #8

I've been under the weather, these past few days. I dealt with heartache too. For a time I thought I was never gonna get to Baguio. My writing and hunger for life has been surpressed by the new medication I've been taking. I feel apathy, for some reason. I've had worse days than this. This is heaven compared to my past.

As I try to look back on how things change, I try to analyze what went wrong. The meds I'm taking has my ideas and dialogue trimmed. I made a 20-page extended version of the teaser, or perhaps 20 new pages, making it teaser #2. I just feel privileged and honored to be working with geniuses like Rd, Justine and Janred.

Watch out Baguio...SUGOD... MGA MAGIGITING

--Amado U. Aparentado III/Writer-Publisher of Magiting Komiks

February 20, 2012

Better Days

Journal Entry # 7
February 17, 2012

(Journal Entry #1 for Krisis Komix)

Dear Journal,

It has been a roller coaster year for me last year and with a possibility that I might quit komiks made so sad last year. But indeed, when you have passion it stays and keep lighted even in the storms of life. 2012 promises me a better year for me and Krisis! Komix, which is getting better and better everyday. Though very busy with my schedules and events, I find myself making concepts in my head and sometimes do a doodle in the most unexpected places.

Ang Bagong Kidlat is one of the things that I will make a great arc this season, also the comic strips will be back. Though very scarce in terms of equipments like a scanner, printer and a high speed PC, I still find ways to make the comics alive. And with support from friends and co-members in Indie Komiks Manila (IKM), affirmed me of my passion and will it lead us to the vision of bringing life back to the industry.

--FPJ Jr., writer and artist for Krisis! Komix

February 17, 2012

Type Away

Journal Entry # 6

Hallo Mi Journal

Comic Events are coming up this summer. Not only am I super excited, I am keeping myself busy getting ready for both old and new stuff that I will be selling this summer. One thing I'm happy to announce is that I'll be Launching "DRAGON KID Vol 1" this Summer Komikon which compiles Issue 1-5 of DRAGON KID plus extras and surprises. Right now I am currently typing away the script for DRAGON KID Issue 5. For me the hardest part when making my komiks is always typing.... drawing is one thing but writing is another story. After I finish doing other things, I start typing away on my laptop. So far, I have already created the outline and summary for this issue, but I need to make sure the story will fit 20-25 pgs. There are times at a certain part in the scene I either get a mental block or I get distracted by other things.... good thing Chibiheart (my mascot) gives me a good whack on the head in case I take far too long on my breaks (though I may sometimes want to use Chibiheart as a stressball hehehe).

This february I need to step up on my game... I want to start early so I am trying to finish this issue before the month ends. Another thing I am still stressing about is whether or not I add new merchandise for this summer Komikon as well.... AAARGH wala pa ako alam na place to make the merchandise I want or what merchandise to make. Aside from that I have other treats that I will be preparing this summer. But that's for another time and another journal entry....

I need to go (as my mascot is poking me on the head with a stck) I have to get back to both my script and other projects.

Till next entry, ciao ciao for now :3

-- Lady Storykeeper
Artist Collaborator of ODDFELLOWS for Incubator Press

February 15, 2012

Mega plans

Journal Entry # 5

(Entry # 1 for Meganon)

Hola Chika Journal~!

It's my first time to write to you and I admit, I'm not used to this kind of thing. It's interesting to do though and since we're instant friends, I'll write to you anyway.

What? You want to know about our progress in MEGANON? Sure, I'll gladly tell you our behind-the-scenes. Where do I start? Hmmm... well, we're currently working on our materials for our next issues. Maika just finished writing the chapter 8 of Mark 9 verse 47 while I work on the cover of Maktan 1521. Dragfly? Well, our dear editor is waiting for something to burn in his/her new office. Since both authors are so busy with day to day work, we seldom update our comic work status so please bear with us. XD

Now, our plan for the year is to continue series. We will be releasing our Volume 2 of Mark 9verse 47 so you have to watch out for that, and I have big plans for Maktan 1521. YUP. BIG PLANS.

Until the next entry journal! Go dance the "Pearly Shells" while you wait.

--Tepai Pascual. MAKTAN 1521, MARK 9verse47, NoodleBoy (Neverheard Comics) [MEGANON COMICS group]

February 13, 2012

Starting over...

Journal Entry #4

(Journal Entry #1 for Duyan ng mga Magigiting/Cradle of Heroes)

So this is it. A new beginning in my writing career. I'm not so sure it'll end up the way I wanted it to be. I'm still hoping (and I've been given assurances), that this will see the light, colored and Marvel sized. Anyways, the last few days have been helpful for me to reflect on my past mistakes and what I could've done in publishing this. This is my holy grail, the reason I live.

I'm rewriting the scripts of Duyan ng mga Magigiting and adding the "Ang Tagumpay ng Tondo" elements. People want to see Jejeman, Malikot and Majestika in the team already. I'm totally rebooting the story, to fit fit them in. I'm hoping my colorist could start now, while the Penciller is busy. I'm trying to multitask the Baguio Comics Congress event and the submissions of DnmM posters for Fate Spears and the Comicbook Connection Initiative. Wish me luck in Baguio! :D

--Amado U. Aparentado III/Writer-Publisher of Magiting Komiks

P.S. Enjoy the pics, even if it's crude, except for Alfredo Almencion's, who is talented artist who never got to pursue his dreams, helped create (as welll as many others, AnVill, Sabordz and Rd to be displayed much later) my characters.

February 08, 2012


Journal Entry #3

I just started my journey as a komik creator. Matagal na sana…but there are things in life that really comes between you and your passion…kaya medyo delayed. These days, mahirap. I have two events coming up (regular job) and (5) collaborations with illustrators. Ang isa, malapit nang matapos….the (4) others…well…nakasampay pa sa sampayan. One of the 4 that are not yet near printing is “VLAD.” I wrote the script and at the same time did the illustrations on this piece. It was a spur of the moment idea actually when Jay Wong was visiting my place. We were talking about Komikon and how exciting it was last November 2011. Antagal mawala ng EXCITEMENT namin, noh? For us, sobrang ganda ng experience namin doon kasi we don’t have that here in Bacolod. Kaya grabe ang AFTERSHOCK namin.

Speaking of aftershocks, yesterday lumindol dito sa amin. Mabuti na lang, di masyado dito sa Negros Occidental. The sad part is...grabe ang effect sa Oriental. Several papers/ folders on my work station fell nang lumindol. Surprisingly, parang hindi ako that affected. I experienced earthquake sa Manila when I was still working there kasi. So it didn’t SHOCK me like it did sa nanay ko na biglang sumigaw…hahaha… Despite the busy days of being a normal person, natural disasters at marami pang ibang elements…it is indeed the enthusiasm that was shared to us through komikon 2011 that keeps us moving. I bet everyone these days are really busy with their manuscripts and their sketches. God bless sa atin! See you this summer!

-- Vivi Villegas (writer) | Until That Day (writer) Rook of the Rats (writer) | (Group) Ice Cream Indie

February 07, 2012

Scratchy 2nd

Journal Entry #2

Hello journal!

I've been nursing a swollen finger on my drawing hand. It shoots a bit of pain from time to time. Fortunately, it feels a bit better now, since I can hold my mech pencil again. I was finally able to work on studies for Cresci Prophecies: Arcen's last chapter. YAY! I'm expecting the next book to be a little difficult, since I have to do chapters 25-28 from scratch (with studies of course...but still around 120 pages long). Looking at the first page of chapter 25 was a bitter reminder of Ondoy (See the brown stains?). Good thing I was able to save the studies and use it for volume 4! ^o^

I gained my momentum this afternoon and finished 7 pages worth of studies (rough drafts/layouts), slashing my way through the manuscript. I missed doing that. It feels good to be able to work on CP again, after working on Curtains for Hire #2 last year. I'm really excited! Hopefully I can juggle my time between CP #4, Kanto Inc. #4's script (still waiting for hubby's outline), house chores, and a potential commission work. I really want to start doing the pencils and plans for Vol. 4 ...

I wonder if I can squeeze in a few plushies or hats? Wish me luck! *Goes to work*

-- Joanah Tinio-Calingo
Artist/writer for Cresci Prophecies & Curtains for Hire, writer for Kanto Inc., Point Zero

February 05, 2012

first scribble...

Journal Entry # 1

FIRST! Hello "Buhay Indie"! Now let's get into comic making!

My life as a comic creator is busier than ever. I'm producing daily comic strips as usual for "Callous" and writing the upcoming comic, "M.O.U.S.E.", all while in the middle of a move to a different house. The para-artist work online has been more tedious lately and I'm finding it hard to be as "social" as I usually am on social media. Fortunately, my cartooning setup has always been quite mobile so I'm able to work on "Callous" whenever I can. I do miss my drafting table and my work chair but ob la di ob la da, life goes on...

I've also begun finalizing the layout for the next Callous Comics compilation, this time of the "On Lighter Dreams" storyline. There's a lot of additional artwork to produce for the book in the effort to make a smoother reading experience. It's going to be tough to squeeze in the work for the book in time to get it to the printing press for Summer Komikon, but I'm sure it can be done.

Until the next update! I promise to be a bit more detailed in my next post! :)

-- Carlo Jose San Juan, MD
creator, writer, and illustrator of "Callous". Creator and writer of "M.O.U.S.E."