September 10, 2012

Indie Cosplay!

Journal Entry #60

Been a long time allow me to babble a little longer than usual...

I mentioned a while back that we started the 100 Araw ng Komiks Campaign.  We're on the third month, but still focused on promoting komiks.  We posted videos for imaginary soundtracks for our titles, made memes, and this month, we're already posting teasers for our October project.

Then there's the GTMACCCon event.

For months now, we've been preparing for the event in October (a few weeks before Komikon).  GTMACCCon was known for supporting the local publications by promoting them through cosplay. It was a great initiative!

So I was busy with contacting the organizers, Silaya's cosplayer, making character studies to base costumes on, and making promo images.  I've always wanted somebody to cosplay any character from Cresci Prophecies...

But I didn't think of it much, until I was coordinating with Karla to cosplay Silaya, via Kit Perez (of GTMACC).  I tried to meet up with her several times before the pre-event to give her a copy of the book, but Murphy's law got in the way 3 times.  @_@

We chatted on facebook instead to talk about Silaya (who had the best costume in the book so far), her costume, and the pre-event preps.  As I saw the progress of the costume, I started to feel excited!  *___*

We started posting teasers for the event, and for the October project...

Then finally, it was saturday!  We got there early, and saw Tepai's character Visdei, cosplayed by Paulo (a fellow IKM member).  One by one the cosplayers arrived for the photoshoot, it was really cool seeing them fool around in their outfits.

We met Dante (another part of the PointZero roster), and Hubby looked really happy with the costume outcome, and the sword looked awesome!

I was still waiting for Karla, until a girl in gown rushed to the booth and talked to me.  I was caught off guard, then I realized it was Silaya! Her shawl was flowing behind her as she rushed off to fix her hair for the shoot! XD

She was so nice in person!  I gave her Idris's feather for props too!  Tepai mentioned there was a goddess amongst us!

While the shoot was going on, we were at our respective booths having fun. I chatted with Ray (of Revel studios), and Ladystorykeeper. I got some good feedback for Vol.3, which indicated that I'm going the right direction for the pairings.

The most fun we had was with Visdei's wig.  Almost all the IKM guys present wore the wig, including Hubby!  XD  We were all laughing as the guys tried it out!  XD  Dante (Cosplayed by Frederick) and Mina (in her casual clothes.. :D, they're also PASIG fans btw),  was game with our own photoshoot with hubby... Too bad you missed it if you weren't there.  :P

After the shoot, I gave Karla copies of the book, so she could finally get to know Silaya.  She also brought me some great news for October's catwalk/cosplay competition. I got even more giddy!  XD

She also mentioned that some people got curious about the character she was portraying, and the comic the character was from.  I think that was why GTMACC did this cosplay initiative in the first place, and from what Karla told me, it seems to be working... :D

It was a great day.  We can't wait for the day our characters would do the catwalk and skits.  Thanks to Kit and Andrew for the opportunity to see our characters in the flesh! 

In the meantime, I'll still be working with the cosplayers for the GTMACCCon 2 event, Volume 4 production, and komikon preps.  

Things like these, makes all the effort worth it!

-- Joanah T.C. (writer and artist for Point Zero)