March 06, 2013

The Fruit of My Labor

Journal Entry # 66
March 06, 2013

Woohoo Journal!

Days are counting till Summer Komikon and I’m sure everyone’s excited about it. More importantly, deadlines for new titles and stuff add more pressure  to the comic book peeps. I myself was also pressured not because of the deadline but because of the new title that I have in store.  Truth is, I have been in constant practice and preparation to make sure I come up with my best title. So hopefully, what I have to offer to the Komikon world is all worth it.

I have actually finished three titles for the event. Unfortunately, after thorough evaluation of the storyline and the artstyle, I decided to only cater the best of the three. What I promise myself during the stretch was that if I won’t be able to come up with my best issue, then I won’t be joining the event. That is why I dare say now, that this comicbook is my BESTEST EFFORT to date.

Yes, you got it right! Take my absolute guarantee! ESPIRITISTA #1: GREETINGS AND FAREWELL is a reflection of my sleepless nights, hours and hours of constant improvement, and a wholehearted drive to showcase the best that the comicbook fans deserve! This comicbook is a promise that my goal to continually improve my craft remains, and that I’m still questing to come up with a comic book that can be considered one of the flagships of Philippine comics someday.

Hopefully, a couple of dozen of fans at the very least will give it a chance. I’m sure its worth their money and time.

That’s it for now!! See you all on Summer Komikon!!!
Rock out!

Nino Balita
Author and Creator of ESPIRITISTA