January 25, 2012

This is a journal about our life as comic creators...

....and the stories behind the production of independent comic titles we enjoy reading.

Making comics is never easy. Most of us manage our time, balancing everything to make one issue in time for an event. More often than not, we encounter a lot of problems while making the pages, and it takes extra effort to get the job done.

And we each have our own stories to tell.

Each entry will be made by a different comic creator, featuring their comic projects and updates about their comic production... in a form of a diary.

The contributors for this blog are the members of Indie Comic Manila, a Facebook group composed of independent comic illustrators and writers from different comic circles. It's also the same group behind the 100 Araw ng Komiks campaign.

It's tough being an indie creator. But we love making comics, so we do it anyway...

Now we're sharing our stories with you.

See you next post. ;)

-- indie hunter

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