May 22, 2014

Reincarnacion Bechavez

Entry #71
May 21, 2014

He-yo, Chicos and Chicas!
He-yo, journalinni!

Yep, it's been a while!
And with that in mind gather around in a circle, kiddies.
For THIS right here is SEMI-educational!

By now, many of you must've heard of our new book, ENJURIKI.
It was released Summer Komikon 2014. Yeah, that one Komikon that I wasn't tardy.
And if haven't, are you stupid or something?
Kidding aside that would be these books right here.

Many are quite familiar with the ORANGE cover since the variant was immediately made out of stock during the event proper. Thus this entry
would try to shed light on the production aspect of the OTHER cover and what other modifications have we done to make this
already good product even better.

First off, the variant is actually printed in GOLD!

Yes, GOLD! The cover alone is the product of devouring several Goya Golden Coins & Golden Fishes.
A lot of our members became diabetic after the said project, all for the enjoyment of one selfish individual,YOU!
We're kidding, but seriously...the blame is on you,our fine readers.

The wrappers are then collected, placed inside a blast furnace, heated sideways then cooled in room temperature.
Creating these glorious works of art.

Notice the texture, no two golden books are ever the same!
Some are made with 15k while some are 24k.
There's an entire science to it and just like any other relationship, it's pretty COMPLICATED!

But why GOLD, you might ask?

This is SSM!'s 20th book. If that isn't reason enough for us to go GOLD. Then I don't know what else is.
On top of that. SSM! had perfected the wrap-around dust jacket system (parang lumpiang sariwa lang a).

Utilizing the same technology they used on dem WHITE RABBIT candies. Just don't try to eat it, ok?
It just doesn't taste as nice and most probably very toxic.
But anyways version 2.0 is indeed a fine improvement over the already stunning version 1.

Another fine creation that we weren't able to sell during FCBD was this fine-fine critter named SECRET ARKADIA.
Secret Arkadia was simply put, me rediscovering my komikero mojos after my heart felt victory on the squared circle known as ABANGAN

I had to say this again because it bears repetition. Abangan made me who I am again, it made me feel complete and
as chessy/corny as this might sound but THEY HAD ME AT HELLO!

Secret Arkadia was a direct response to that.A "SECRET" love letter if you will.
The kind that gets passed on from student to student then gets confiscated by the teacher, THAT kind of love letter!
I know that ABANGAN, might be a one time deal but heck I like those odds and personally speaking...I can't thank them enough for this once in a
lifetime opportunity. I finally made good with my promise/dream of doing something noble and noteworthy in the service of the community that helped
define who I am as a person then ultimately as an ARTIST.

Ok, enough of the pagentry and long-winding-tear-jerking speeches.
Without further ado, here are some preview pages of SA.

To human is to err for we are but human after all.
Forgive us for the following typos-unintentional photoshop FAILs.

So that's about it, my bretherens in the komiks community.
That's all about there is to it on the SSM! side of things.
We'll see ya when we see ya(most preferably soon but if not at INDIEKET).
And until then, stay GOLDEN!

-- Dark Chapel/Writer,Artist,Golden God/Silent Sanctum Manga

August 01, 2013

“Not sure if it’s a dillema or I’m just anxious…”

Entry #70

Hi again journal!

It’s August.  Hubby is finishing his new issue for the Indieket, and it’s gonna be the first Komikon event I’ll be missing.  I’m a little sad, but I really can’t risk travel, and getting myself too exhausted while I’m pregnant.  I actually have a cold right now, so I blame it on the weather.  >_<  Anyway…

I’m currently working on Chapter 26 of Cresci Prophecies.  So far, I’ve learned how to cope with my aching hand joints.  Even if I only get to work on the pages a few hours a day, I’m 90% done with my pencils.  I normally set around 30 pages for each chapter (as rule of thumb to avoid burn out), and then start inking when I’m done.  Volume 4 chapters, however, are an exception.  Volume 4 is packed with revelations, and action scenes.  When  I’m making a comic, I’d like to cut my chapter where I can actually cut the story.  Call it my creative pacing/momentum.  Since Vol. 4 is the last volume for Arcen, the storyflow is quite continuous…and so should my drawing mode frenzy.

I realized last night that I already did around 31 pages, and should end doing my pencils at page 32.  But the part of the story where I’m going to cut it is a critical part of the volume that starts at page 33-40.  Now, I usually pick up my drawing pace around middle of production (maximum concentration), and starting the next chapter with the critical part is a no-no for me.  I usually rest from doing comics for around a couple of months before doing another chapter...

But I'm also expecting in a few months. I mean real soon…  And that means managing my time and energy for everything I do at home before and after the big day. @_@  So the dilemma is to whether to continue until the 40th page (and risk burnout, and bad output), or risk a semi-bad output for the first part of Chapter 27.  I’m supposed to ink my pages before I go on a hiatus… And then there’s my joint pains.  I guess I’ll just have to try inking the first few pages.  And if I can’t keep it up, I’ll try to finish the pencils until page 40…hopefully I won’t be losing steam since those pages need to be drawn really well (for my own sanity…and I know it’s gonna be tough for me to do).  I'm excited and terrified at the same time~!  @_@

I just really hope things would turn out fine in the next few months, and get through this interesting/crazy period in my comic creating life…  @_@~  (Well...okay...Challenge accepted!)

--Joanah T.C., writer and artist for Point Zero
P.S.  I think babies like doing round house kicks...

July 16, 2013


Journal Entry #69


Ginawa ko lang na lively yung entry ko, eh, lively naman ako. By the way, ako po si Thomas Adobo, pwede na ring Tamasu (fb name ko), artist sa FFA Comics dito sa Cebu.  I am a Gr. 8 (Second Year, according to the new school curriculum) High School student. I write my own stories (imaginative much), and illustrate them when I have the time. I was inspired to draw more since Grade School. Na-inspire ako to improve my drawings mula nung nakita ko yung mga works nina Taga-Ilog at kay Elmer Damaso sa K-Zone (doon na kasi nalalagay yung 0.5 % ng mga Indie artists eh). I was inspired to make Indies from Sir Gerry Alanguilan, most likely “Wasted”.

Okay, not so much for that. Ang current na comics work ko ay yung “Atapang Atao” na somewhat biography ni Andres Bonifacio na pinaplano kong i-release this August, either online and in print form. Yung style ng “Atapang Atao” ay may kakaunting references kay Frank Miller and the way he told 300. Hindi nga lang colored sa akin. Well, marami akong projects on my mind, but then, sa sobrang dami eh hindi ko na matapos-tapos kahit isang issue lang. May mga web comics ako na mahahanap sa blogger tulad ng “The Dark Merc” at “Before I Die…”. At baka dadami pa kung hindi marami-rami yung assignments.

 I always keep all the things I make in a schedule, parang Monday, Atapang Atao, Tuseday, web comics stuff, Wednesday, assignments, Thursday to Friday, back to comics. Well, if I have some favorite characters from my large roster of imaginations, I would pick Eric Megaton, or Electro (not the Spider-Man villain), I liked him so much that I made him the main protagonist in one of my stories, “National Heroes”. Now, back to my comics stuff. I am trying to make my submission for an anthology of stories on time (January 2014 is nearby, you know). So, baka dito na lang matatapos ang entry ko. Hanggang sa susunod!

-Thomas “Tamasu” Adobo, Writer, Artist, and Creator of FFA Comics

June 14, 2013

"Something came up..."

Journal Entry #68

Hi journal!  Been a while… Uhm…let me extend my entry a little… :P

As you know I’ve been working on Cresci Prophecies: Book of Arcen’s volume  4 a few months ago.  I was pretty happy with how chapter 25 turned out.  I was really excited to work on chapter 26.  But something came up…   I discovered around march that I will be a mom soon.  ^_^

(A page from Vol. 1)

You know how that’s gonna change things right?  Now don’t get me wrong, hubby and I have been waiting for that news for quite sometime now .  And so, I had to make a few lifestyle adjustments (and some major adjustments in the near future).   Over the last few months, I’ve been working on a writing gig for kids, and I still have one more to finish.  After that, I plan to work on chapter 26…before I get really busy, or be unable to work on it.

Also in the past weeks, my hands became a little clumsy, and also my hand joints started to hurt for some reason.  I’m a little afraid I won’t be able to draw properly, but the pain goes away when I actually use them, so I guess I’ll still try to draw.  It’s just the details I’m worried about.  ^_^;

BUT I didn’t entirely abandon my comic life during the past few months.   :P I also worked on Mortus’ mask, and the other CP costumes, for a video and photoshoot (I missed doing paper Mache).  I’d like to take proper pictures of the CP team for the book, and of course for GTMACCCon 2013.   We’re also cooking up something with the GTMACCCon staff, and that’s what I’m currently busy with.  I’ll tell you about the details next time when it’s officially out.  ;)

I’m really happy that  local comic pros are working out ways to help boost the indie-comic community and their craft, and promoting the medium in general.  The indie scene is very much active!  Things are still looking bright, and hopefully our combined efforts would attract more readers in the near future.

So here’s hoping for a bright future!  :3

--  joanah t.c., writer and artist for Point Zero
(P.S.  I wasn’t aware I was already pregnant when I was working on Ch. 25, one of the most emotionally charged chapters in CP, I guess you could say that my baby was working  with me... :P  )

April 08, 2013

Kitakits mga Ka-IKOS!

Journal Entry #67

Ola Chika Journal!

Tapos na ang panahon ng Gising-drawing-kain-drawing-ligo-drawing-tulog-drawing! Bye muna sa tuloy-tuloy na drawing until 4am. After a long and stressful month, relax muna ako saglet kasi tapos na pati ang ibang commission works. Tapos ko na rin ang last issue ng “Dalawang Liham,” Yehey! Mabuti at nakaabot kami sa Summer Komikon, almost last minute. 

Kaya lang, nagtatampo sa akin ang Sulsi gang at si Lupe ng “Karit”, kasi hindi umabot iyong stories nila. Hanggang panaginip inaaway nila ako, huhuhu!

Nagpulong din kami ng aking mga ka-IKOS (Ray at Karimlan). Sa susunod na Komikon, full force kami. Hopefully matapos naming ang collaborative titles naming.

Hanggang sa muli!

Kitakits po tayo sa Summer Komikon!


March 06, 2013

The Fruit of My Labor

Journal Entry # 66
March 06, 2013

Woohoo Journal!

Days are counting till Summer Komikon and I’m sure everyone’s excited about it. More importantly, deadlines for new titles and stuff add more pressure  to the comic book peeps. I myself was also pressured not because of the deadline but because of the new title that I have in store.  Truth is, I have been in constant practice and preparation to make sure I come up with my best title. So hopefully, what I have to offer to the Komikon world is all worth it.

I have actually finished three titles for the event. Unfortunately, after thorough evaluation of the storyline and the artstyle, I decided to only cater the best of the three. What I promise myself during the stretch was that if I won’t be able to come up with my best issue, then I won’t be joining the event. That is why I dare say now, that this comicbook is my BESTEST EFFORT to date.

Yes, you got it right! Take my absolute guarantee! ESPIRITISTA #1: GREETINGS AND FAREWELL is a reflection of my sleepless nights, hours and hours of constant improvement, and a wholehearted drive to showcase the best that the comicbook fans deserve! This comicbook is a promise that my goal to continually improve my craft remains, and that I’m still questing to come up with a comic book that can be considered one of the flagships of Philippine comics someday.

Hopefully, a couple of dozen of fans at the very least will give it a chance. I’m sure its worth their money and time.

That’s it for now!! See you all on Summer Komikon!!!
Rock out!

Nino Balita
Author and Creator of ESPIRITISTA

January 23, 2013

Komikero to Animator to Komikero to.....

Entry # 65

Hello!! nice to meet you journal,

Kagagaling ko lang sa Book Sale bookstore at National bookstore sa SM para maghanap ng mga reference for Improving my Art.  Since Manga style na ako familiar eh napagtripan naman ngayon ang Marvel..kakabili nga lang ng 3 copy this month.  Why Marvel comics naman ngayon? Yun kasi yung pinaka good for Realistic style sa tingin ko na pwede kong pagpraktisan...dahil sa napasok sa pagiging Animator.... yan na, todo sikap na ngayun...Alam ko kasi na pag napasok ka sa Animation walang pinipiling styles..lahat dapat alam mo lahat at makakapag-adapt ka..pero bat nga ba animation pinag uusapan dito...balik Komiks naman.

Malapit na Komikon at wala pa siguro akong mapapakita na Komiks ko sa Kon...busy talaga buhay...Mon-Fri ang pasok..Sat-Sun Manga commission naman..yung Komiks ko na Cutting Glasses di ko na naasikaso kaya yan, wala nanamang mapapakita sa Komikon ngayung April.. 2010 summer komikon pa ako nakapag-participate with my one-shot manga Saltless Peanut.

Pero abangan nalang yung ang mga Shortcuts ng BlackInk dahil may works din ako dun at sa darating pa.  I'm seeking more improvements pa sa art ko para makapag-ambag sa Komiks and Animation industry sa bansa naten...Proud to be I'm working on it na talaga at sana balang araw eh maanimate ko na ang sarili kong manga dito sa Pinas!

-- nate153624